When can I withdraw funds from my campaign?

StartEngine is one of the few, if not the only, Regulation Crowdfunding websites that allows companies to withdraw funds while their campaigns are still live. We call these withdrawals, “rolling closes.”

To withdraw funds, your campaign must meet the following requirements:

  1. Be live for 21 days.
    The SEC requires campaigns be live for 21 days before money can be taken out.
  2. Reach 120% of your funding goal.
    StartEngine considers a funding goal is met when the total of (1) cleared funds and (2) credit card commitments total 120% of the goal. We require the extra 20% buffer to protect against credit card failures or last minute cancellations.

Once you request a disbursement, you can expect the funds to be in yourj account approximately 14 days after the request was accepted. Here’s a breakdown of that timeline:

  1. Disbursement requested.
  2. StartEngine approval. 24 hours.
  3. Update posted to community. 8-10 days
    The SEC requires companies post a notification to their communities of a “rolling close” for a total five days before funds can be disbursed. This notice allows investors one final chance to cancel investments.
  4. Disbursement. 48 hours.

To learn how to make a disbursement on your campaign, please click here.

Please note - StartEngine is unable to accept any disbursement request that is within 10 days of your offering end date. Please keep this in mind as you plan your timing of "rolling closes" and extension of your campaign.

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