Why StartEngine?

Companies have raised over $35M with us - the most of any platform like ours in the country. But that’s not the only reason:

  • No negotiating.
    You set your own terms.

  • No listing fees.
    It's free to launch. You only pay our 6% rate if you raise money*.

  • No complicated forms.
    We'll handle your Form C filing with the SEC.

  • No accountants required.
    For raises up to $107K, many companies don't have to hire a CPA

  • No marketing agency necessary.
    You can create your own campaign with our custom-built editor.

In 2015, the SEC adopted Regulation Crowdfunding, thereby granting the public the opportunity to invest in new companies online. With the guidance of a platform like StartEngine, your company can now raise up to $1.07M from the crowd.

By reaching both accredited and non-accredited investors, you add upward of 88% of the population to your potential investor pool. StartEngine has over 100,000 users in its community who are waiting to learn more about your company.

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