What information should I put in the Team page?

While it’s up to you whether or not you include many of your team members, there are a couple that are required.  You are required to include ALL of the following:

  • Executive officers, and other officers of the issuers that participate in the offering*
  • Members of your Board of Directors (or Managing Members for LLC’s).


For each of these required team members, you are also required to include the following information for ALL positions and offices held within the past 3 years (with your company and any others):

  1. Name and principal business of the companies,
  2. Titles, and
  3. Dates served (for each title).

For example:

Name: John Smith

Title: CEO / Director

Bio:  John has been CEO and Director of ABC Corp since May of 2016.  Prior to ABC Corp, John joined XYZ Corp as COO in June of 2014 and was promoted to CEO in July of 2015, where he remained until leaving to start ABC Corp.


*SEC Definitions: The term “executive officer” means a company’s president, any vice president in charge of a principal business unit, division or function (such as sales, administration or finance), any other officer who performs a policy-making function or any other person who performs similar policy-making functions.

The term “officer” means a president, vice president, secretary, treasurer or principal financial officer, comptroller or principal accounting officer, as well as any person who routinely performs corresponding functions.  Participation in an offering would have to be more than transitory or incidental involvement, and could include activities such as participation or involvement in due diligence activities, involvement in the preparation of disclosure documents, and communication with the issuer, prospective investors or other offering participants.

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