Can I change the terms of my offering if my Reg CF is already live?

If you would like to change the terms of your offering in what the SEC describes as a "Material Change", StartEngine would be required to file an Amendment to your offering. On top of this, if a material change occurs in an offering, all investors* will be required to reconfirm their investment within 5 business days from when the amendment was filed or else their investment will be cancelled / refunded.

There are several cases where you will need to ask us to file an amendment with the SEC to allow your company to make material changes. The material changes include:

  • Change the closing date
  • Change the maximum raise goal (no fee)
  • Change the minimum raise goal
  • Change the minimum investment for investors
  • Change the perks
  • Changes that would make an investor more / less likely to invest 

StartEngine is proud of its reconfirmation rate of roughly 80-98%. It requires significant investor service outreach to get this reconfirmation rate, which is why StartEngine charges a one-time fee (except if you are increasing the maximum raise goal.)

*All investors include any investors who have not yet been part of a previous company disbursement or received countersigned subscription agreements.

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