What are some "Email Marketing" best practices?

Plan Your Outreach

This is probably the most important strategy for your campaign. Your community is the most likely to invest in your company.

Create a full list of all email addresses and contact information (including customers, family, friends, coworkers, family and friends of all employees). This will be your core marketing base, so take the time to make sure you have a full list compiled. Segment into groups with distinct messaging. Load this contact list into Mailchimp or a similar email marketing service.

Create a HOTLIST of all people you believe want to, will, and are interested in investing in this campaign. Consider family, friends, customers, past investors, employees and employees' personal and professional networks. Identify phone numbers and email addresses for each of these individuals.

Strategize Your Messaging

Email is a critical resource to your messaging because everyone checks their email. However, for the same reason, you might get caught in the clutter.

For starters, we recommend you do some basic research. StartEngine bases a lot of its email strategy on recommendations from Boomerang by Gmail. Every year, Boomerang does a deep dive into email habits by people, and their recommendations for getting engagement are basic and effective.

Also, this infographic about how to invest on StartEngine will also be useful to send to your biggest fans.

Best Practice: 2 emails per week. Provide a clear call to action, asking your fans to invest in your company. Write a minimum of 3 weeks of direct emails to your extensive email list.

Divide up your email lists into different tiers of how you know that group of people. Each email might have a different message depending on who you're speaking to. Therefore, it is important to think about your audience when preparing the content and breaking up your email lists.

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