How do I communicate with my investors during my Reg CF?

You will communicate with your investors through the "Comments" tab and by posting "Updates" to your community and cannot communicate with them directly. 

StartEngine Updates is a powerful tool that allows you and your company to communicate directly with your current investors and followers. When you post an update, it will automatically send an email and create a post visible in the "Engage" section of your campaign page. You should use this section as a way to keep your community engaged and involved with any exciting company news, campaign progress or milestones reached.
To post an Update simply login to the StartEngine account associated with your live campaign, select "Campaign Options" by clicking your name in the top right corner, then select "Manage Updates".




Once you click "Update", it will be posted to your campaign page and send an email to all your investors, followers or those who have not yet finished the investment process.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to reach out to our account services team at

Responding To Comments

The beauty of crowdfunding is that it allows everyone to be involved in the fundraising process. With Online Public Offerings, potential investors are able to ask questions directly to the company, through the "Engage" section of the campaign page. You will be able to respond to these by going to the Manage Campaign Promotors tab.

You and anyone in your company is required to be labeled a "Promotor" or "Issuer" when responding to these comments, so this must be done before you respond to the comments. You simply click, "Add Promotor", and Enter in the email address (associated with a StartEngine account) of the user you want to have listed as a promotor/issuer. 

NOTE - To reply directly to comments, you must be logged in as the same email account associated with the company. 


For more information about how to communicate with your investors, we strongly recommend that you review the memo about the Communication Guidelines between a company and its potential investors. 

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