What is the investing lifecycle?

  1. A potential investor will make an investment through the StartEngine platform. 

  2. Once submitted, the investor will immediately receive an email from StartEngine notifying that the investment has been submitted.

  3. In order to verify the investor’s identity and ensure security, investments over $2,000 will go through a series of anti-money laundering and background checks.

  4. When all the necessary checkpoints have been cleared, StartEngine will automatically send the investor an email confirming that the investment has been cleared.

  5. Upon meeting the company’s minimum funding goal, the CEO can choose to close on all “cleared” investments and disburse them into the company’s escrow account.

  6. Once the disbursement has been made, the investor will then receive a proof of ownership, or a “countersigned subscription agreement” signed by both the CEO of the company and StartEngine.

We do everything we can to maintain constant communication amongst all parties to ensure transparency so the investment lifecycle can run as smoothly as possible.

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