How do I use my website traffic to get more eyes on my Reg CF campaign?

The easiest way to get lots of potential investors to your campaign page is to send traffic from the company's website to the campaign page.

You have two choices to launch your campaign and get every user and visitor from your website to the campaign page:


You change the website DNS to point to your campaign page URL. You add a link on your campaign page to point to the IP address of your website for those visitors who are not investing or want to see your website. Yes, this is an aggressive way to promote your financial campaign but in our experience it can be very effective.

You can decide to do it for the first week only and then add a Pop Up on your website for the remaining of the campaign. This works well for website who get thousands of visits a week.


Work with your team to create one! A good pop up must cover around 70% of the screen. This way it is obvious to the visitor and they can click the button to visit the campaign or X out of the page.

Website placement

Some companies dedicated the top bar to advertise the campaign and then also dedicate some of the first fold to advertise the raise.


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