Should I use Facebook Ads to market my campaign?

We have seen some impressive results with Facebook advertising campaigns. However, not every campaign will have similar results because it depends on a company's appeal and the quality of the ads.

You can track your results by configuring Facebook on the StartEngine administration page. Read how to set up Facebook and Google analytics ID's on the Campaign Options page.

The list below details the set of best practices a digital advertising agency has shared with us:


Respond to Comments on Ads

Facebook users like to invest in a product/service in which they are clear what the risk/rewards are. Any slight hesitation could prevent someone from investing, hence answering all ad questions is crucial to increasing the conversion rate. Depending on your investment level, your ads will get comments every 1-10 minutes. Its very important to hide the negative comments, "Like" positive comments and respond to questions.


Duplicating Ads

Make sure to duplicate ads with engagement (likes, comments, and shares) whenever possible, this gives your ad the chance of going viral. The more "Likes", "Comments" and "Shares" your ads have the more likely others will click through the ad as well. The more engagement your ad obtains (likes, comments, & shares) the cheaper it is for advertisers to reach more people. This is a money saver!




Give your ads validity! Put the number of investors on your ad so that people know that others have already invested. People are scared of being scammed online so give them every little reassurance whenever possible.



Time on Site Retargeting

Facebook has a feature called Time on Site. It is not yet available to the public, only Facebook partner agencies; however, this feature allows you to target individuals that spent the most time on your page. This is important because if someone lands on your page and immediately leaves without reading a single word, they are not going to invest. They might have accidentally clicked on the ad, so they are not worth retargeting. Those that are serious about investing will read your page and thus will spend a significantly greater amount of time on your page than everyone else. This feature is key to the success we have had in the past and was able to obtain an average investment level of $668 for every $5 spent on remarketing.



A/B Testing Ads

Testing various ads is highly recommended to see which gender engages with your ad or which image or video performs better. However, because you want the social proof on your ads (likes, comments & shares) don't change your ads too frequently, especially if you are on a strict budget.

Utilize Post Boost

To get a lot of positive comments on an ad do the following:

Create a Page Post from your Facebook page (this will only be seen by your fans), then promote the post as an ad. This will look slightly different from your ads but will have a higher click through rate and drive more traffic.


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