How can I transfer from another funding portal?

If your company has raised capital on another funding platform such as WeFunder or SeedInvest, then it is very easy to raise additional capital on StartEngine by following these steps:

  • If your company has raised $500,000 or more, or you plan to raise a combined $500,000 or more, you will first need to get a 2-year CPA audit.
  • If your company has raised $107,000 or less and you did not have a CPA review, then you will need to prepare a 2 year CPA review.

Make sure your CPA review or audit is still relevant and not stale. Ask your CPA.

For this new raise, you will need to select a minimum goal. Keep in mind, this might be less than your original goal because this is a supplemental raise.

Because you have already conducted Bad Actor Checks, there is no need to go through this step again unless the Bad Actor Checks are more than 3 months old. If you added an officer or a 20%+ shareholder, then you will need to order an additional Bad Actor Check for these individuals.

StartEngine will pull your SEC filing codes so you do not have to order new ones.

Creating a campaign page is straightforward. Use the same video, text and graphics as you did on the other campaign.

If you have any other questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to

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