How do I use content to market my campaign?

Content is the fuel for your campaign. Create content to inspire and educate your prospective investors. They want to read about your company, your goals, and your ideas. Be as authentic as possible and avoid the obvious sales language. Your content is your voice and it is very important to prospective investors. Content helps fuel the search engines (also known as Search Engine Optimization aka SEO).

Here is a list of the type of content you can create and distribute: 

  • Articles you post on your blog or submit to the press (ie: Huffington or Techcrunch)
  • Blog posts
  • Case studies
  • Cheat sheets
  • Checklists
  • Emails and newsletters
  • Infographics
  • Podcasts
  • Slideshares
  • YouTube videos
  • Webinars

The content you create can be distributed in many different ways such as Facebook and Twitter. It can also be broken into pieces and reused. Feel free to refer to our Marketing Plan Template to keep track of your posts and updates.

Use social media as a means of sharing your content, so make sure to prepare in advance with pre-drafted social media posts. You should be writing content for Facebook posts, Twitter headlines, Instagram photos, LinkedIn articles... anything where you can further spread the message of your company.


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