If I did a kickstarter or indiegogo, how should I reach back out to my backers?

In the same way you will be marketing your raise on the company's website and sending emails about the campaign, a very effective way to get investors is to market to your Kickstarter and/or Indiegogo backers.

The backers are ideal investors.

Post on completed campaigns to alert your backers about the raise. SONDORS used several Kickstarter updates to connect with close to 2,000 backers. 

Our data suggests that it takes anywhere from 5-7 "touches" for someone to be converted into an investor. Therefore you should not be hesitant when reaching out to your existing community as this is the next step in helping achieve your company vision. 




How is StartEngine different from rewards based crowdfunding? 

On donation and reward-based websites (i.e. Kickstarter or Indiegogo), companies raise capital by providing rewards or perks depending on the nature of the campaign. 

StartEngine allows companies to raise capital by exchanging capital for securities (equity or debt). Rather than asking friends, family and fans to donate money to help raise funds, StartEngine enables companies to raise capital by offering investment opportunities to the general public.

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