When should I post an update about my Reg CF to my StartEngine community?

Posting an Update

We have built an "Update" tab which allows you to post news, press releases, and updates to your StartEngine investor community as well as anyone who views your StartEngine campaign page.

You can write as many as you want and these updates will be sent to the investors who liked your page or who have initiated or completed an investment. The updates are sent via email and invite the investor to visit your campaign and read the update. We have found many new investors like seeing updates and end up investing after receiving one.

Best practices suggest that you post a minimum of 2 posts per week. Some ideas to post an update about:

  • the Launch of your campaign
  • Campaign progress milestones - 25%, 50%, 75%, 100% funded etc...
  • Any new news articles you've been featured in
  • Any events you are hosting
  • New videos/photos that weren't included in your campaign page
  • Employees of the month
  • Any updates on your product
  • Research or findings in your industry
  • Fun Facts
  • Closing note and thank you

Always add to your text a message to spread the word about the campaign and generally interesting information about what makes your company unique and exciting.

Please note, updates must not mix terms and non-terms.

Example: "Please share this update with your friends so they too can invest in our company"

For instructions on how to post an update see this article.

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