Are there any marketing resources that can help me plan my efforts during my Reg CF?

Crowdfunding marketing is focused on building a base of fans who invite others and lead generating new investors. You need to keep your community actively engaged, encouraging them to spread the word within their own networks. It also requires a lot of work and organization.

We have built a marketing plan template which can help you organize your different campaign marketing efforts. It is an accumulation of our industry's best practices, breaking up the marketing efforts into three categories: Owned Media, Earned Media and Paid media.

Download the Marketing Plan Template and start building it!


Best Practices

As with any marketing, consistency and relevancy is the name of the game. Again, we recommend reaching out to people who know your company well first, then people who know your industry, then the general public. Consider reaching people through the following means:

  • Post a minimum of 3 times per week on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram.
  • Post a minimum of three times on StartEngine Updates tab.
  • Email each segmented group a minimum of two times about your SE campaign + resend an email to those who did not open.
  • Optimize your advertising campaign to re-target people who have visited your page.
  • Continue to pitch press outlets (email, call) and PR outlets with specific angles (traditional, bloggers, influencers, smaller outlet) with a link to your campaign page.

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