Why do some investments say “not received”?

If your campaign is already live and you are analyzing who has committed an investment in your dashboard, you might have a number of investments marked as “not received”. The reason why an investment will be "not received" depends on both the amount of funds you have raised AND the payment method. See the different reasons below:

Credit Cards

Credit card investments are captured immediately after submission of the investment. We will attempt to capture the card, at which time our credit card processor will collect the funds, and send them to your escrow account (can take a few days). hose credit cards will be marked as “received” once the funds have been credited and are available in the the escrow account.

Please note - If a Credit Card investment fails, (i.e. investor entered in Credit Card information incorrectly, or the credit card company blocked the transaction) the investment will continue to be marked as “not received”, until the investor updates the card information, at which time we will immediately attempt to recapture the card. StartEngine automatically sends an email to the investor with a link prompting them to update the correct payment information to their account. If they update their information they will be included in the next disbursement.


ACH (E-check) investments

Funds are only withdrawn from an investor's account once a company has exceeded their minimum funding goal, and escrow has been opened -- and therefore, until this happens, the status will remain “not received”. Once the escrow account has been opened, the funds committed via ACH investments can take up to 3-4 business days for them to reach a company's escrow account and 10 days to clear once received. 

If an ACH investment fails, the investor is notified immediately with a link to update their payment information with a follow up email a few days later to confirm their payment information.


Wire Transfers

Wire transfers are completed outside of the StartEngine platform meaning the investor will need to contact their bank independently to execute the transfer. We send three separate emails to the investor reminding them to execute a wire transfer. The emails are sent: after 1 week, after 10 days, and a final email after 14 days. Each email includes a link to view the wire transfer instructions to execute the wire transfer. Until an investor contacts their bank and wires the funds, their status will remain “not received”.

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