How do I get the contact information of my investors?

Per the Reg CF rules, no company is able to communicate with a potential investor unless it is done so publicly. However, once you have conducted a "Rolling Close" and withdrawn funds from your offering, you will have the contact information of those who were previously part of a withdrawal.

Once you have done a close, you are able to get the name, email address, amount invested and the number of shares by following the below steps:

  1. Login to your StartEngine company account

  2. Click the arrow next to your name, then click “Campaign Progress”

  3. Go to Investments

  4. Select the green “Download Billing Report”

  5. An email will be sent automatically to the email that is associated with your company

    NOTE: The investor email addresses will only show for investors who were part of a previous disbursement. If you do not see any email addresses it is because no disbursements have been completed yet.


Want more information on how to disburse funds? Click here.



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