What amendments are free of charge during my Reg CF offering?

Any changes to the terms of an offering (Including but not limited to adjusting the target funding goal, end date of the campaign, the price of the security...) would be considered a "Material Change" and require all existing investors to reconfirm their investment within 5 business days. Because this requires a significant amount of effort from our Account Services team filing the amendment, re-creating the agreements and contacting every investor multiple times, we charge $1,000 for these amendments.

That being said, StartEngine will file and reconfirm all investors free of charge for any company that is expanding their maximum funding goal within 2 weeks of reaching their maximum funding goal.

For example, if a company's maximum funding goal is $107,000, they will have 2 weeks from when they reached $107,000 to submit their Independent Account Review to StartEngine, in order for StartEngine to file their Form-C free of charge.

Please note: You do not need to wait until your offering is at $107,000 to begin the process of getting your account review conducted, so we recommend you get going on this sooner rather than later.


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