How do I pay with a credit card?

In addition to ACH, wire and cryptocurrency payments, StartEngine also accepts both debit and credit cards as a form of payment for eligible offerings. It’s at the discretion of each company as to whether or not it will accept credit cards. 

You can always find out if a company accepts credit card payments by simply

  1. Clicking “Invest” on a campaign.
  2. Clicking “Payment Method” and seeing if the “Credit Card” option is available on the dropdown.


Here are some important things to know about investing with a credit or debit card on StartEngine:


    1. Your card will be charged immediately.

      If the company has reached their minimum funding goal, your credit card will be charged immediately following submission of your investment. Companies can disburse (close on) funds during their campaigns, as well as at their campaigns’ conclusions. Therefore, your card might be charged immediately, but the company may not "disburse" (close on your funds), until a few days after, or perhaps months after you invest. It all depends on when the company chooses to withdraw funds.

      As is true with all payment methods, investments made by credit card are only charged if a company reaches its minimum funding goal.

    2. The name that will appear on your billing statement will read "STE*" followed by the first 15 characters of the Company's name

      For example: "STE*COMPANYNAMEINC"

    3. There are NO ADDITIONAL TRANSACTION FEES on investments.

      The amount that you invest will be the amount that will appear on your credit or debit card.

    4. You can invest up to $20,000 per investment on a credit card.

      $20,000 is the cap for all investments on a credit card. If you would like to invest more than $20,000 in one transaction, select “ACH Transfer” or “Wire Transfer” as your payment method.

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