What can StartEngine do to market my raise?

Campaign Marketing Guidelines

Here’s how your company gets introduced to our audience.

The Philosophy

Every day StartEngine communicates with our hundreds of thousands of users, many  of whom are active investors. By raising on StartEngine, your company’s campaign will  be provided ongoing exposure to this pre-existing audience. Nice! 

The Strategy

Our goal is to direct eyeballs to your StartEngine campaign. This is ​different​ than  advertising your offering and ​different​ than advertising your product. Creative for all promotions is meant to inspire click-throughs to StartEngine campaigns, not to close  the deal, per se.

Therefore, it’s critical that you plan and execute your own marketing strategies as well.

The Rules

  • No campaign will receive any more opportunity for promotion than another.
    StartEngine does not curate; we want for all companies on the site to have an equally positive experience.
  • All creative content for promotions is at StartEngine's discretion.
    We know the nuances of our website and the behaviors of our community best.
  • Marketing Promotions are subject to change at any time.
    As more and more companies make the leap to equity crowdfunding, promotions will scale simultaneously

The Audience
Campaign Marketing Promotions are intended for all StartEngine users and investors depending on their opt-in preferences. Some promotions are sent to the entire audience at once. Others are uniquely customized for audience members with equal distribution across campaigns. That is to say—one user might receive an email featuring your campaign, and her nextdoor neighbor might receive a promotion for a  different campaign. Custom promotions are based on previous user behavior - this means you might not receive an email featuring your campaign. 

User Behavior
You know the drill. StartEngine tracks the behavior of its users onsite. We analyze where they click, when they click, and what they invest in. This data is paired with data from email marketing campaigns to create custom experiences for users.

Custom promotions can help your campaign reach the eyes of interested parties more quickly, and with more targeted accuracy. Our machine learning algorithm may suppose, for example, that one user is interested in a certain industry (electric) based on previous behavior, and serve that user more electric-like campaigns. This is good!  Robots are good!  

The Promotions

  • 10% Launch Email
    When you launch, your company’s campaign will be featured in an email blast to our most active investors. This email will be advertising a 24-hour 10% bonus in your offering to these most active investors.

  • Weekly Update Email
    Within the first 13 days of reaching your $45,000 milestone, your company’s campaign will be featured in an email blast to the entire StartEngine community. No more than 3 companies will be featured per email. Ordering is at random.

  • $45k Promotion
    Within the first 5 days of reaching your $45,000 milestone, your company’s campaign will be featured in a social media post on LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter. Make sure to re-tweet it!

  • Milestone Emails ($100K, $200K, $300K, $500K, $800K, $1M)
    When your campaign reaches significant thresholds, we’ll announce it to our community via an email for an added boost. If you reach two thresholds in the same week, we will announce the greater of the two thresholds.
    • ○ 100K, 200K & 300K
      Combined email featuring companies that hit above milestones
    •  $500K, $800K, $1M
      Solo email featuring company

  • Automated Ongoing Emails
    At the moment your campaign surpasses $45,000 in funds committed, it enters our custom promotion queue. Automated emails featuring your campaign will be uniquely targeted to users by our machine learning algorithm every day, across the world, for the duration of your campaign. The first deployment of these emails is evenly randomized to collect data, and ensuing promotions are targeted based on user behavior.


  • Homepage placement
    Campaigns are qualified to be featured on the StartEngine homepage when they meet certain criteria.

    1. Based on Your Previous Interests​ — Our machine learning algorithm above will feature 3 campaigns to logged-in users.
    2. Most Popular ​— Features the three live campaigns that have raised the most money.
    3. Most Momentum​ — Features the three live campaigns that have raised the most money within the trailing 7 days.
    4. New​ — Features the three newest campaigns over $45K.
    5. Closing Soon​ — Features the three campaigns closest to closing.


  • Homepage Carousel (For launches before 1/1/2019)
    Within the first 30 days of reaching $45K, your company will be featured in the hero section of StartEngine’s homepage. This promotion will last for seven days. All creative (copy, photo, and design) are at StartEngine’s discretion.


  • StartEngine Investor Newsletter
    StartEngine sends a weekly investor newsletter to its user base. Companies may be promoted in this email if they fit a certain criteria. All criteria is objective, and unbiased. All sections rotate week-to-week. Sections include:
    • Recently Launched
    • Focus on the Founder
    • Vertical to Watch
    • Most Momentum This Week
    • Most Investors This Week
    • Most Raised
    • Most Investors
    • Updates of the week

  • StartEngine Company Newsletter
    StartEngine sends a weekly email to companies interested in the platform as well as live companies. Companies are featured in this email week-to-week, but the audience is limited to other CEOs. Topics usually focus on marketing tactics. The features are intended to encourage other companies to raise on StartEngine, not necessarily to promote your offering.

This is what we do ​for you.​ Any successful raise requires ​your own marketing ​efforts in collaboration with our efforts. Need help marketing your offering beyond StartEngine’s community? Email ​hello@startengine.com​ to inquire about our Promote Services.  

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