What can StartEngine do to market my raise?

 Homepage Promotion

Your company will be featured on the StartEngine homepage carousel for one week during the first half of your campaign. Prime placement!

Launch Email
Every week, StartEngine sends a Launch Letter to its investor base, notifying them of any new campaigns that have launched that week—yours included.

Weekly Newsletters
StartEngine sends weekly newsletters to its investor and entrepreneur communities, providing news about equity crowdfunding and relevant industries. Every newsletter features all live offerings in its footer. Additionally, within weekly newsletters, your campaign may be featured in rotating categories like "Most Funded" / "Most Momentum This Week" / "Most Investors" / "Focus on the Founder" and "Vertical to Watch." These categories rotate week-to-week and are not guaranteed for all companies.

Automated Offering Emails
All offerings are also promoted via an automated email system that adapts to user behavior. Every investor signed up for our newsletter also receives automated emails that dynamically populate, and personalize for every user. It's like Netflix's "Because you watched..." recommendations, but for investment opportunities!

Social Media Posts
Your company will be promoted via StartEngine's social media channels (Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn) during the first half of your campaign, and in the final week of your campaign.

Press Mentions
If your company has received press, tell us about it! We'll help give more publicity to your publicity via newsletters and social media posts.

Closing Soon Email
In your campaign's final week, your company will be promoted as "Closing Soon" within that week's Launch Letter.

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