How do I view my investment status?

To view your investment status using a browser, please follow these steps:

  1. Login to your StartEngine account.
  2. Once you are logged in, click your name in the top right hand corner.
  3. Click "My Investments".
  4. Click "View Current" and the status of your investment can be found next to the company you invested in.
  5. Or simply click here to go to your Investment Dashboard once logged in.


Different stages of your investment

  1. Submitted (Pending Funds Arrival): The investment was submitted and we are waiting for the funds to arrive in escrow.
  2. Funds Received: The Funds have been received and our banking partner is working to verify your information.
  3. Funds Approved: Your funds have been received and the information was verified. The next time the company disburses on funds, you will receive your ownership documents.
  4. Funds Invested: The company has taken your funds from escrow and you are now officially invested! You can now view your ownership documents on your dashboard

Below are some other statuses you might see depending on the investment:

Waitlisted (Offering Oversubscribed): You submitted a reservation of interest in a campaign that has already met their maximum funding goal, so your investment is being held on the waitlist.

Submitted (Minimum Not Met): The investment was successfully submitted, but the offering minimum has not been met or escrow has not opened (typically 3 weeks after the campaign launches).

Failed - Action Required: This means that either our banking partner could not verify all of the information provided and further documents are required to approve the investment or the payment failed and you will need to resubmit the payment information via your dashboard.

Needs investment account: This means the company you invested in is using a StartEngine service, managed via our secondary trading platform, that allows them to create a consolidated cap table. This requires all investors to open a secondary investment account. To open the account or resubmit information for approval, you can head to


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