Why is my investment account pending?

When opening an investment account via StartEngine Secondary, StartEngine and our banking partner are required to run AML and KYC checks on the information provided.

After your account is first submitted, you will see it is in "Pending" status. It typically takes up to 7 business days for the information to be reviewed.

If our banking partner is not able to verify the information provided, we are required to collect additional documents to verify your information in compliance with SEC regulations.

It is possible your information could not be verified for the following reasons:

  • There was a typo in the information you entered/information was entered incorrectly.
  • You entered a PO box as your address.
    • We are required to collect a residential address for verification purposes. No mail will be sent to your residential address and it is only used for verification purposes.
  • The information provided could not be verified against the records available to our banking partner.

How can you get your account approved?

If your account is still pending after 1 week, you can reach out to contact@startengine.com and our team can assist in having your account approved. It is likely that you will need to supply some or all of the documents listed below, and we encourage you to send these in your initial email regarding the opening of your account to help expedite the process:

  • A color photo or scan of your government issued photo ID (drivers license or passport). If sending your license, please provide both the front and back of your license.
  • If your ID does not list your current residential address, please also provide proof of address for your current residence (not a PO box or commercial address), such as a utility bill in your name, dated within the last 90 days. You will not receive mail to this address, it is solely for verification purposes.
  • A color photo or scan of your SSN card or a W-2.

*All funds and assets in your Investment Account are held with our banking partner, Prime Trust.


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