How do I submit a trade on StartEngine Secondary?

To begin trading on StartEngine Secondary, you will first need to open an investment account.

In order to purchase shares that are currently trading, you will also need to link your bank account and deposit funds.

Once your account is "open" or "approved" you can follow the instructions below to submit trades.

To submit a buy or sell order follow the instructions below:

  1. Head to your investment account at 
  2. Select the “Trade” button in the top right corner.
  3. To the right of the page, you’ll see the trade widget. Select whether you want to buy or sell.
    • If you’re buying, enter the number of shares you’d like to purchase, and the maximum price you’re willing to pay.
    • If you’re selling, enter the number of shares you’d like to sell, and the minimum price you’re willing to accept for the shares.
  4. Once your order is set, click "preview order" and submit!

To view the current buy/sell orders on the market, you can scroll down to the “Order Book”, once you are on the trading dashboard, which will show you the current buy/sell orders. Enter a buy order above the lowest sell order, or a sell order below the lowest buy order to increase your chances of the trade being executed.


How long will it take for my trade to be executed?

Trade orders will only be executed during market hours for the security you wish to trade. For example, the market hours for StartEngine shares are Monday-Friday, 1pm-3pm ET / 10am-12pm PT. Trade orders expire after each day’s market hours. If your order is not cleared in that window, then you will need to resubmit your trade order again. If you have trouble finding a buyer or seller for your order, try adjusting your asking price!


Why was only part of my order filled?

We were able to fill part of your order at your desired price, but there wasn’t enough demand to meet your entire offer before your order expired. Trade orders are filled based on a few criteria. In order of priority, those are the asking price, the time the order was submitted, and then finally the size of the order. Try submitting the rest of your order another day or adjusting your asking price to fill the rest of your original order.

*All funds and assets in your Investment Account are held with our banking partner, Prime Trust.


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