Understanding Campaign Pages

Equity Crowdfunding is providing new opportunities for investors to join in on investing in startups and private companies. Instead of consistently pitching to thousands of investors, StartEngine has given companies a platform to "pitch" to investors via their campaign pages. We know that there is a lot of information on these pages and it can be overwhelming at times, so we want to breakdown the campaign page and help you get understand exactly what you are reviewing!

To view all of the current campaigns on StartEngine, head to StartEngine.com/explore.

Please note, each campaign page may differ in appearance and structure.

The Explore Page:

Before clicking on a campaign page, the first piece of information you can identify is the type of campaign the company is running (Reg CF or Reg A+). This can be identified on the explore page as seen in the screenshot below. You will also see how much the company has raised, the number of total investors, and the minimum investment amount or the time left to invest if the campaign is closing soon. Screen_Shot_2021-07-06_at_6.00.21_PM.png


The Campaign Page:

When you first open the campaign page, at the top, you may see a video that introduces the company and the products & services they provide. To the right (or just below if using mobile) of this video, you will see a basic summary of the offering including the current amount raised, the amount previously raised via equity crowdfunding, the number of investors, valuation, price per security, minimum investment amount, whether equity or debt is being offered and the type of security being offered, the maximum offering amount, and the type of offering.

Additionally, you will be able to see the different tabs of sections on the campaign page. Please note, this is where you will see the main difference between Reg CF and Reg A+ campaign pages. As seen in the examples below, LaneAxis (Reg CF campaign) has a "terms" section of the campaign page where as Flower Turbines' (Reg A+ campaign) does not. Instead, the SEC filings, including the Offering Circular, are posted at the top of Flower Turbines' campaign page.




This section begins with the "Reasons to Invest", which is comprised of several bullet points listing, what the company believes to be, the biggest opportunities the company has and their past successes, culminating in why investors should be excited about the company.

The section is then broken into the following sections to dive deeper into the company:

  • The Problem: What pain-point is company trying to solve?
  • The Solution: What is the solution to the problem?
  • The Market: Who would use the products/services, how many potential customers are there, where are they located?
  • Business Model: How does the company generate revenue?
  • What We Do: How is the company is solving the problem with their products/services?
  • How We Are Different: How does the company differentiate themselves from competitors?
  • Our Traction: This section is designated to show the company's progress over time, any awards or patents they have been granted, and any notable partnerships or revenue generating events.


The team section is where the company introduces key team members to highlight the great talent working to build their company. Typically, the executive team and notable advisors will be listed. Some companies may choose to share their whole team, while others may only show the executives.


Here, the basic terms of the offering are outlined, such as the offering minimum and maximum, minimum investment, type of security offered, price per security, valuation, and terms for perks and bonus shares (if applicable). Additionally, the Form-C filing and Offering Details will be linked in this section.

Please note, this section will only be found on Reg CF campaign pages.


In the updates section, companies will post progress updates and exciting news, material changes, and disbursement notices (only Reg CF campaigns).


Current and prospective investors have the opportunity to engage directly with the company (typically the CEO or another executive!), ask questions, and voice any potential concerns they have by posting comments to this section. This section is a great resource to learn how what other investors look for in potential investments as well as a resource for answers relating directly to the company you are viewing.



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