What is a Material Change?

Please Note: This article is written for Investors in offerings. For Issuer's looking for more information about material amendments to their offerings and related data, please consult our article here and speak with your account team.

From time to time after an offering is live, a Company (also referred to as "Issuer") may have changes that affect their business and are relevant for investors. When this occurs, Company's are sometimes required to file material amendments to their offering via the SEC.

A material change is a significant change to the offering that requires reconfirmation from all investors (who are not marked "funds invested"), as per SEC regulations.

Examples of material changes that may occur are updated financials, new terms (maximum offering amount, valuation, price per share, bonuses), changes to the length of the campaign or a combination of those updates and other items.

When a material change is made to an offering, all investors, who have not yet received their ownership documents, are required to reconfirm their investments. Once the change is posted to the campaign, investors are notified via email regarding this update and provided a link to reconfirm their investment.

Additionally, 2 follow up emails are sent in the days between the change and the deadline to reconfirm the investment (5 business days (typically 7 days) after the material change).

If you are viewing your dashboard and your investment still requires confirmation, it will appear as seen below:


You can reconfirm your investment by following the steps below:

  1. Login to your StartEngine account at: www.startengine.com
  2. Click your name in the top right hand corner
  3. Click "View My Investments"
  4. Click the orange "Reconfirm Investment" button
  5. Read the through the following page, and sign your name at the bottom
  6. Click the "Submit" button


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