What is an Investment Account?

Your Investment Account is what will allow you to hold funds and trade on StartEngine Secondary. We require all users to open an Investment Account (which is part of, but separate from, your StartEngine Account). All funds and assets in your Investment Account will be held by our banking partner Prime Trust LLC.

Not sure why or when you opened this account?

Some companies use a consolidated cap table, which require investors to open these investment accounts at checkout if they do not already have one. Once this account is opened and approved, no further action is required and you will not need to fund the account.

If you opened this account through an investment in a company using our consolidated cap table service, but the account has not been approved you will see the status "Needs investment account" on your dashboard.

If you have opened an account and it is currently pending, you can learn more about why and how to fix this by clicking here.



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