Information Regarding Large Investors

Congratulations for having or anticipating large investments or on your campaign! Here are some items we feel are important for you to know about large investments on

  • Large investors must use ACH or Wire Transfer as a payment method for any amount over $20,000. However, any amount over $100,000 must be done via wire transfer.
  • Large investors may not use wire transfer as a payment method until escrow is set up for your account.
    • Escrow is set up after your company launches. We will send you instructions and agreement for you to sign and give back to us. Once received, we will request an escrow account to be open for your campaign. Once requested, it typically takes around 72 hours, so long as there are no complications.
  • Large investments over $25,000 will not typically be displayed on your page until the investment has been cleared
    • Clearing an investment requires that all funds be received from the investor, there are no complications with the investor (i.e. anti money laundry [AML] or bank issues) and the issuer (you) have disbursed on those funds.
    • To disburse on funds, you must fulfill the requirements of being on the platform for 21 days and have raised over 120% of your minimum funding goal.

To learn more about how individuals invest in your company, please visit how do I invest? – StartEngine

And please remember to read how do I communicate with my investors during my Reg CF before communicating with investors.

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